A messy closet is everybody’s worst nightmare.

Therefore, you should always make sure your wardrobe is clean and organized. You won’t believe it, but an organized closet dresser has many benefits on your daily lifestyle.

It increases clarity, helps you feel better, wakes up more energetic, and adds storage to your closet.

A messy closet, a messy room, and a messy morning, we have all been there. And I can feel how frustrating and annoying it is to wake up to a messing closet or room.

However, after this article, you won’t feel the same. You will be able to take your wardrobe to a whole new level, and that will help you have smoother and better mornings.

So, enough talk, let’s dive right into it. Here are ten creative closet tips and tricks that will save your life and make you more organized.

Matching hangers for the entire closet


White hangers are always a good idea. They add a smooth touch to your closet, they look amazing and go with any closet’s color, especially if it’s white.

It might seem annoying to change your entire hangers, but you won’t regret it since white hangers are unique and help you organize your closet.

Organize your clothes by color 

This trick is so cool and will make it easier for you to choose what to wear in the morning. People depend more and more on this trick. It looks aesthetically pleasing.

You will have your selection of clothes well organized and pretty-looking. If you have a bigger closet, you can arrange it by type, then by color.

Storage baskets

Using baskets for storage is a lifesaving tip and trick.

They are affordable in different sizes, shapes, colors, types, and materials. You can store all the stuff that you need in handy in those baskets.

You can keep them on the shelves or in the drawer. These baskets are helpful; they help in organizing your closet and add a special touch to it.

Bag storage

For a better organization, devote space to your closet only for your bags.

However, if you have a small closet, you can purchase a closet organizer shelf, it will add extra spice to your entire room.

You can organize your bags by category, color, size, and brand. It will add a decorative taste to your closet and room.

Drawer organizer 

This drawer organizer is ideal for underwear clothes. It makes your underwear’s selection look prettier, neat, and organized.

You can purchase the size, color, and type of drawer organizers you like. There are many types out there that are beneficial and helpful.

Jewelry organizers

We all suffer in storing our jewels. They all get messed up when we throw them in the drawer.

Now, if you want to make your jewelry more organized, there are plenty of jewelry organizers for purchase that are lifesavers.

However, if your closet is small for a jewelry drawer, you can put these organizers in any jewelry box or a stand. It helps to keep them organized and elegant as well.

Clothing Rack 

Clothing racks are perfect if you have a small closet. They are also practical if you plan to organize your clothes for the whole week, or the day.

There is a wide variation of clothing racks that you choose from: wooden, steel, metal adjustable, and so forth. You can either stick it on the wall or use rolling racks.

The clothing rack adds extra spice and decoration to your room.

Use your behind-door area to hang your shoes.

As the picture shows, you can benefit from your door and use it to hang up your high heels.

You only need the right racks that you can purchase from any store or online, and you are ready to go. You can organize your high heals by color and type for better decoration.

Use bypass doors 

A bypass door hack always works. Sliding doors will add more space, not heavy, easy to install, modern, suitable for decoration, and safe for kids.

Many medical offices, hospitals, and other cabinets use sliding doors because they are practical and useful. You would need one in your home.

 Shower curtain rings for scarves.

If you have many scarves and don’t have enough space to store them, you can use shower curtain rings and use them like the picture above shows.


You will save yourself extra space that will help you store all your clothes, shoes, bags, underwear, jewelry, and others.