When it comes to decorating or rebuilding your kitchen, there are a lot of ideas and designs that you can go for. If you happen to have a basement in your home, then you might just be lucky as you’ve got the chance to build one of the most iconic kitchens you can think of.

Building a kitchen in your basement is going to give you a lot of advantages and you won’t have to separate space as you would upstairs.

By building your kitchen in the basement, you not only have a separate space dedicated solely to the kitchen, but you also save up a lot of space in your home which you may use as an extra living room or anything that you may think of.

Let’s check out these interesting and fun ideas of basement kitchens that will blow your mind, and that isn’t that difficult to build yourself either!

Amazing Basement Kitchen Ideas

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As you can see in this first example, the entire kitchen area appears to be smaller than your usual kitchen, which is why it is called a kitchenette.

Although the kitchen is small, it has all the necessary items and tools that you will need and find in an ordinary kitchen.

You can rest assured that you will not need any extra kitchen area upstairs as you will have everything you need down here. You might want to invest in a separate dining room or area upstairs but that would be it.

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If you happen to have some extra space in your basement, then this is what you should go for.

As you can see, the kitchen has a window looking outside, and that’s because the whole house is built on a hill, allowing the basement to feel just like any other room in the house, not feeling cramped like a basement usually does.

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This one would fit more in an antique house; it is small but just spacious enough to allow for movement of one person or even two if needed.

The sink, cupboard, microwave, and oven are all very smartly organized and put in one space to make everything easy to reach.

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This is another example of a larger basement. The basement is spacious enough to have not only the necessary tools and equipment but can also fit a large refrigerator without any trouble.

With the right lighting, you won’t even feel like you’re in a basement!

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Although this basement is very spacious it was not used entirely for the kitchen.

Instead, the owners of this house decided to blend in a dining area/living room along with the kitchen to make everything close to one another.

These designs are very common and quite useful, if you have the space for it then why not?

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If you want the look of a very luxurious and expensive-looking kitchen then we haven’t found anything that beats this design.

The floor is wooden, giving it a very subtle, yet luxurious look and feel, along with the black everything!

Now that we’re done with these more sophisticated, let’s check out some more designs that will surely captivate your heart upon first look!

Mesh Architecture

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Cullum Design

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Mari Woods Kitchen

Photo Credit: http://casehalifax.com/

DHD Kitchen Design

Photo Credit: http://casehalifax.com/

East End Kitchen

Photo Credit: http://casehalifax.com/basement-kitchenette-ideas/

BSB Design

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Thompson Kitchen

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Photo Credit: http://casehalifax.com/

Ence Kitchen

Photo Credit: https://www.encehomes.com/

Tigg Call Architects

Photo Credit: https://www.tiggcollarchitects.com/

Mira Kitchen

Photo credit: http://www.mirafloors.com/

Paragon Kitchen

Photo Credit: http://www.paragonkitchens.com/

Grace Home Kitchen

Photo Credit: https://gracehomefurnishings.com/

Kristen Petro Interior Design

Photo Credit: https://www.kristinpetro.com/


We hope that this article has brought to you all the necessary ideas and kitchen designs to help inspire you to build your own next level basement kitchen.

Let us know which design you went with or if you went with something completely original!

We wish you the best of luck in building your own kitchen!

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