Some of us just can’t get enough of the beach and its atmosphere, which is why we have quite a lot of people who try to bring the beach back home.

Decorating your bathroom to make it look exactly like your favorite beach location isn’t hard at all, and we’ve got 25 ways to prove it.

Let’s check out these amazing, yet simple decor ideas that will blow your mind!


Beach-Themed Curtains

In order for your bathroom to start reminding you of the beach, all you need are a few accessories; such as these beach-themed curtains that are sure to transform how your bathroom looks and feels.

The sand and water portrayed on this shower curtain are quite unique. Water blue as the sky, and sand as white as they come, could you find anything better?

Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

This pirate-looking shower curtain will definitely give your bathroom a very unique touch, giving you both the look and feel of the beach and ocean.

You can drive things up a notch by pairing it with other pirate-themed bathroom accessories which aren’t hard to find at all!

This shower curtain is very simple looking, yet it has something we all love about the beach: waves!

The shower curtain has different shades of blue to try to mimic as best as possible the waves you’re used to seeing whenever you’re at the beach, isn’t it great?

Some beaches are more beautiful than others, and this shower curtain proves just that.

What’s better than a beach? A beach with palm trees!

Shower Curtain Accessories

Depending on which shower curtains you’ve gone with, the rest of this list may just make your bathroom more appealing and even more beach-looking!

Follow along for some small, yet amazing accessories that will complete the look of your bathroom.

  • Park Designs Starfish Curtain Tie Backs


Once you’re done with your shower, go ahead and tie your shower curtain with this starfish-shaped curtain tie.

Every time you use this curtain you’ll be reminded of the beach, and in a very elegant way.

  1. AGPtek 12 PCS Fashion Decorative Home Bathroom Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks

These shower curtain hooks are just what you need in your bathroom if you crave being on the beach all the time.

Not only is it a good decoration option, but it is also very useful and is made of anti-rust metallic materials, so you have nothing to worry about if it comes in contact with water.

These double-hook shower rings have the shape of a shell, which is a constant reminder of the beach, the ocean, and everything in between.

Beach-themed Bathroom Rugs

This rug will match one of the curtains on the list perfectly, I would get the two as a pair as you should!

This rug doesn’t need any introduction as it is the perfect bathroom rug.

  • Collections Etc Nautical Coastal Waters Blue Skid-Resistant Memory Foam Bath Rug

Beach-Themed Towels

If you’re going to be using any sort of towels, then they better be beach-themed so that the look would be complete!

Beach-Themed Sink Accessories

One of the most important parts about any bathroom is the sink and everything that surrounds it.

This includes all the accessories and tools you have put near it, which is why it would be a very good idea to have them themed in a way that reminds you of the beach, as well as the ocean.


Since we’re at the end of our list, we hope you’ve found something that met your taste, and we wish you the best of luck shopping for your perfect beachy-bathroom.