Downspouts are essential elements in each home as they make it possible to drain rainwater by guiding it from the gutter to the ground.

But they aren’t necessarily a pretty nor a decorative addition to the home’s exterior.

If you are thinking about how to use them to improve your home’s curb appeal, you came to the right website.

Downspout landscaping can inspire so many ideas to DIY and decorate your home’s curb, along with being useful.

What’s good about DIYs is that you can create useful items and improve many other ones in your home using only basic tools and recycled items.

You can also repurpose items you were planning to get rid of, and have outstanding results.

And because we love DIYs, this time, we thought it would be downspout landscaping’s turn.

In this article, we will give you the most amazing and inspiring ideas for making a creative downspout landscape.

Most of them can be built easily, and you will be surprised by how they will totally change your exterior’s vibe, especially with rainwater passing through it.

Underground water catch basin 

Our first idea is to install an underground water catch basin to prevent rainwater from running off.

It is pretty easy to install, and you can have some leaves or simply your lawn covering its sides.

Grow also some plants or flowers on the sides, and you’re good to go! Your useful downspout and catch basin will look, by far, prettier than before.

Inspiring and Fun Downspout Landscaping Ideas


Dry creek bed

Honestly, dry creek beds are one of the easiest landscaping DIYs, and they can have numerous designs depending on what suits your taste.

They will look great either dry or wet and add a decorative touch to your home’s exterior along with controlling rainwater’s drainage.

In this first example, the dry creek is lined with stones, which gives it a rustic vibe and contrasts perfectly with the lawn.

You can also edge your dry creek with plants and give it more of a natural touch.

Or, if you have a minimalist home’s design, some concrete blocks with white stones will give you the right decoration that fits, and of course, ensure you good drainage.


Stack Rocks Rainwater


If you are on a budget and can’t even afford the cheapest decorations to use, it is still okay!

Just look for any stack rocks you can find, gather them all together, and tada! The result might be a bit messy, but it’s what we love the most about it.

Decorative Splash blocks 


Instead of using a typical (and rather ugly) splash block, you can repurpose so many items and turn them into water features.

Here, we chose to talk about concrete leaves as they are very easy to make and can even make a great and fun family DIY project. It’s incredible what you can make using concrete, so let your imagination run wild.

To make a concrete leaf, check out and follow the steps of this really simple tutorial:

And, you can either use one leaf or line up more, it is all up to you!


Repurposed watering cans 

Moving on to repurposing items, our favorite kind of DIYs!

Rain gutters and repurposed objects such as watering cans you are not using anymore can make such an original and excellent wall landscape as the water will be pouring down from one can to another.

You can also decorate them with some bushes.

You don’t necessarily need watering cans in good condition.

Recycle old ones and complete them with old buckets if needed, the result will look more vintage for sure, but it will still look great.


Repurposed barrel


Never get rid of an old barrel! Instead, turn it into a rain barrel and collect rainwater for future use! It’s useful, environment-friendly, and pretty to look at!

Rainwater Barrel

If you would like to spend some money and invest in a decorative item to help you enhance your home’s exterior and collect rainwater, we recommend this rainwater barrel, which comes with planter boxes!

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and that they will inspire you to DIY your own downspout landscaping and prepare it for the next rainy season!