Plants can make your space more inviting and fresher.

They also have many health benefits since they clean up the air. They add life and color to any place, whether at your home, office, or any other place.

If you are a nature lover, adding some plants into your space will bring you closer to nature, improve your life quality, and make you happier.

There are many ways and types to choose from when you want to add plants in your indoor space.

Indoor hanging plants are ideal and add a special touch to your indoor area. Plants that hang down are unique. Many interior designers consider hanging plants in their interior designs.

They are fantastic since they add a sense of harmony, and add positive vibes.

However, there are many tips and tricks that you can do to use hanging plants correctly because they can’t be placed anywhere in your interior space.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it. Here are some hanging plant ideas that will take your interior decoration to a whole new level.

Where can you place hanging plants

Beautiful and Unique Indoor Hanging Plants for your Home

Hanging your indoor plants is a smart idea.

The main reason is that we tend to forget about our plants when they are kept off the ground. Contrariwise, when we hang our plants, they are always in front of our eye level. Also, it is better to hand your plants if you have kids or pets because you cannot control them, and they can ruin your plants, or the plants can sometimes be toxic.

So, it will be better to be careful.

However, indoor hanging plants cannot be placed anywhere inside the house. Start by analyzing your space and try to understand the weakest and the strongest points of your area. Bear in mind that some plants require the sunlight.

Therefore, you should hang them close to the window, but first understand if the plants can thrive in bright, medium, or low light.

You can hang your plants on the wall by using magnets. It is super easy and won’t ruin your wall. You can also be creative and hang them upside down. It will add a special touch to your interior design.

You can even use an indoor trellis. Indoor trellis is useful for many reasons. It’s a place where you can hand your plants or any other objects like keys, umbrellas. But make sure you don’t ruin your décor.

What most people have been doing since forever is hanging plants into the ceiling. There are many other options out there. You only need to choose the right one that matches your interior design and décor.

Some indoor hanging plants recommendations 

Chenille Plant – Acalypha Hispida

Acalypha hispida is nicknamed as ‘Summer Love.’ It is an amazing, beautiful, old-fashioned plant, and ideal for hanging baskets. When you have it indoors, it prefers a filtered position, away from direct sunlight.

What’s so special about this hanging plant is it has beautiful tassel-like crimson flowers, which appear all over the plant in summer, all the way through to autumn.

You can feed the plant once a month with liquid fertilizer and every quarter with a more robust food like osmocote for indoor plants. Water it more during the summer, and when it’s windy. But water is less when it’s winter.

Maidenhair Fern – Adiantum 

Maidenhair fern is a fabulous indoor plant. It comes up in different variations.

As shown in the picture above, it makes a great plant indoors in hanging baskets or pots.

Make sure to keep maidenhair soil moist all the time because it dies when it doesn’t get enough, daily water.

The maidenhair fern plan does not require direct sunlight, but it also doesn’t survive in the shade. So, it is better to keep in a place which is nicely lit all the time, but not very right.

This is crucial because maidenhair fern’s leaves are delicate and will burn. It’s also important not to touch the plant’s leaves because they are sensitive.

Begonias’ species 

There are over 1.800 different species of begonias out there. These species are all amazing, and each one has its unique and special color, form, and size.

However, you should be careful because some begonia species do not perform well indoors, like wax begonias and tuberous begonias. Some of the beautiful begonias you can have indoors are:

  • Rex Begonias
  • Begonia boliviensis
  • Jurassic Pink Shades Begonias
  • Pegasus Begonia
  • Painted-leaf Begonia
  • Begonia Corallina
  • Begonia Maculata


Dichondra Plants – Silver Falls 

Dichondra silver fall plant is gorgeous. It is a great hardy plant for retaining walls.

If you want to get this plant looking flawlessly tidy and neat indoors, you need a liquid fertilizer.

You can apply the liquid feed two to three times during summer.

The right way to feed this plant is by getting down low, not to disturb any of the foliage.

So, the silver falls are an excellent recommendation for indoor plants.


We hope you will like these hanging indoor plants’ recommendations, and pick one of them for your indoor area. They are beautiful and will spice up your space.

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