A functional entryway is crucial because it is where you unload after a long day, and where you go and grab the necessities you need before heading out of the door.

The first thing you spot when you go inside your house is the lobby and hall, that’s why it is essential to decorate them the right way.

Lobby decoration can be confusing because there are many options and pieces of decoration out there.

However, the essential elements that should be present on the entryway are a key holder, a space to hang bags, jackets, coats, and umbrellas. And for decoration, you need a mirror, a few plants, some paintings, and lighting is also crucial, and others.

Here are some inexpensive and creative tips and ideas on how to decorate your hall.

So, enough talk, let’s dive right into it.

Lighting for Entryway 

Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Hall and Lobby

The right lighting is crucial, not only on the house’s entryway but also for the whole house.

But as far as the entryway is concerned, you should consider the ceiling’s length when deciding what type of chandelier you will need.

The ceiling can be an eight-foot ceiling, or a nine-foot ceiling, or a two-story ceiling.

The length and how far the chandelier can go down in the entryway are crucial. Here are some recommendations:

Yarger 1 – light single dome pendant 

McEwen 1 – Light single Teardrop pendant 

Mabini 2 – Light 13’’ Shaded Drum Flush Mount

Pettisville 7 – Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier 

Milla 5 – Light Rectangle chandelier 

Parting 3 – Light Shaded Square Chandelier 

Lostwithiel 8 – Light Unique/Statement Chandelier 

There are so many chandelier options out there that you can choose from.

You can choose the one for your corridor, depending on your budget and the style you are looking for in your hallway.

Add Some Reflection by Adding Mirrors

The placing of the mirror in the hallway is essential. It is a big must! A sparkle of glass will brighten up your corridor and add a unique and extra touch to it. The bigger the mirror, the more spacious your hallway will be.

Here are some unique and special mirror recommendations:

  • Mercedes Stained Wood Coat Entryway Cottage with Shelves Accent 

  • Portis Frameless Rectangle Scalloped Beveled Wall Mirror

  • Janie Rectangular Wall Mirror

  • Kentwood Round Wall Mirror

  • Portis Frameless Half Circle Beveled Accent Mirror

  • Pendergrast Pub Beveled Accent Mirror

  • Pollen Traditional Wall Mirror

Having a mirror in the hallway is essential since we always want to check ourselves before going out. Mirrors maximize lighting and bring energy to your room.

A Modern Table in the Corridor is a Lifesaver

You can add a table to your hallway right under the mirror.

It will give a special touch to your corridor, and it is useful for many things.

Usually, console tables in the entryway should be narrow and not big because you need your hall not to be overcharged and to have some space.

However, it will be best if you are precise what items you are going to store in that space, whether your shoes, bags, keys or whatsoever.

When you are familiar with what you are going to store in your hallway console and what type you prefer, it gets more comfortable for you to choose the right one.

Here is our selection of corridor consoles, special for you:

  • Jonesboro 40’’ Console Table

  • Arsenault Urban 46’’ Console Table

  • Tignall Console Table

  • Altom X-Frame Metal Industrial Console Table

  • Steadman 48’’ Solid Wood Console Table

  • Neligh 72’’ Console Table

Plants and Decorative Elements

Plants, pictures, paintings, or any decoration will spice up your hallway and add a fresh touch to it.

After choosing the right table for your corridor, it’s time to add some spice and decorate it.

Decoration differs from one person to another. However, you should make sure your decoration matches your theme and your hallway colors.

You can either add plants, lamps, pictures, or paintings. The following are a few recommendations:

  • Artificial Flowering Plant Desktop Plant in Pot



There are simple adjustments and modifications you can do to make an excellent welcoming corridor.

We hope these recommendations came up with some help. And voila, we hope you enjoy decorating your entryway, it’s fun and worth it.