Windows feel better with curtains. They create privacy, add softness, and they also filter the light. Curtains are designed to be a core element in interior home design.

They add a special touch to the whole house decoration. However, some folks find it challenging to choose.

There are some tips you can follow to pick the right one for you.

The first thing is to select your desired look. You need to choose a fabric based on the look you want, and how much light you want to let in.

The second thing to consider is thickness. If you want to have rays of sunshine to pass through the curtains, go for Sheers. They also provide privacy.

However, if you have a sleeping baby or don’t like much sunlight during specific times of the day, you can go for denser fabric like Velvet and Wool.

They help block the light, noise, as well as keeping the room heated.

The third thing is to choose your hanging style. It can either be metal grommets, hidden tabs, or pole pockets. Also, it would help if you thought of the length that will suit your look.

However, if you are not a big fan of brighter colors and bolder patterns, you can avoid that and go neutral with Drop cloth curtains, which we will be talking about in this writing.

The different ways to use drop cloth canvas

Drop Cloth Curtains Ideas For your Living Room

A dropcloth is a fantastic fabric that you can use in multiple ways in your interior decoration.

You can use them as a tablecloth to catch leaves during Fall.

It can also protect your furniture during the demolition phase; hence, all the covered items will stay clean and protected. Also, when projecting a movie outdoors, between couples or with family, you can use drop cloth as blankets or floor covers.

You can enfold the base inside your canvas if you have a plant that you want to move to another place or another pot.

If you have a pug pad that slips, put some canvas under it and will help to fix the problem. It is also a fantastic tool to cover the firewood and protect it from the rain.

Why choose the canvas drop cloth for curtains?

Simply because they are the best

Drop cloth canvas comes up in different types of fabric.

The size also differs depending on how big or small your window is.

You can find canvas drop cloth in many weights between 6 oz, 8 oz, to 10 oz. The weight of the drop cloth fabric will be heavier if you choose the bigger number.

Adding extra width makes them look better and more like curtains. For its material, these curtains are made of duck fabric that is 100% cotton, which is a high-quality fabric.

They are inexpensive, affordable and you can find them in any hardware store, or you can purchase it online, it’s much cheaper.

If you are looking for curtains for your outdoor space, these drop cloth curtains are the right one for you.

They help reduce the excessive sunlight; the sun passes through but much lighter. It also affords a relaxing outdoor space with proper privacy.

If you are using these curtains for painting, they are ideal for painting projects.

It helps to keep everything clean and prevents the paint from tracking. And what’s more interesting is that you can wash them and reuse them as much as you want.

Their unbeatable fabric quality enables it to last longer. Besides the quality, canvas drop cloth requires no sewing, which means once you purchase them, you can hang them directly in your window.

The canvas is easy to use. You first need to wash and dry them.

Then, you adjust them depending on the length of your window. You will need some drapery clip rings like the following.

Then, attach your curtain to the clip rings, and there you go.

Now, these curtains come in a neutral, creamy color that suits any salon or home decoration. However, you can quickly turn them into any color you wish.

You can convert the curtains you already have using Rit dye. If you want to achieve this beautiful, fresh color for your canvas, follow the next steps:

Now, after you purchased your canvas curtain, you will need to grab some fabric dye for clothing, and the best one is Rit dye.

Choose the lemon yellow, fuchsia, and tangerine Mandarina colors, as well as a dip dining. Start by placing your bucket in the bathtub, fill it with hot water, then start mixing the colors.

Take a sample piece of drop cloth and test the color by dipping it in the mix. Once you feel that you’ve reached the color you wanted, squish your entire drop cloth down into the dye in the bucket.

After you get all your drop cloth submerged, place something heavy on top of it, it will help keep it underwater.

Leave it from 20 to 30 minutes, then give it a quick rinse in the bathtub before transferring it to the washing machine and then the dryer.

Now, moving on to the tassels that you are going to hang on to your curtain.

You will need chunky yarn, some wooden beads, a rectangular piece of cardboard, and scissors.

To begin with, take your square cardboard that needs to be about 6 inches, then start wrapping your yarn around it for about 25 times.

Trim it off once you’re done, take one string piece to tie off at the tops, then cut the bottom to release it from the cardboard. Then, take another string piece and tie the top third of your tassel.

Repeat the same process twelve times. Then by using some glue, match it to your canvas drop curtain.

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