For Christmas, we all try our best to make sure we have the best possible Christmas tree, but we also know how quickly expenses can climb up until it is no longer affordable.

This is why it is important you know how to make some essential stuff at home on your own. One of the things a lot of people want to know how to make at home is the Christmas Tree Collar.

It’s a very essential part of the Christmas tree that a lot of people either forget about, or just decide not buy since they want to keep things on a budget.

If you’re either of those people, don’t worry as we’re about to show you how you can make your own Christmas Tree Collar from things you may already have at home.

What is a Christmas Tree Collar?

The Christmas Tree Collar is the thing that your tree stands on basically.

It’s a fancy, well-decorated, and matching tree ring that your tree will sit on to look even more presentable.

The job that this collar does is that it covers the tree stand since it doesn’t usually look part of the whole festive Christmas season.

There are many ways you can make these, and some people even prefer buying them separately, or at the same shop you get the Christmas tree since most of them have adopted the new trend and started offering them as well.

If you’re still reading, then that means you’re definitely interested in them and would like to know how you can make one at home. So, read along!

How to Make a Christmas Tree Collar

Size & Measurements

The first you’re going to have to think about is the size of the collar you want to make, and this will depend on a couple of factors:

  • How tall the tree is
  • How thick the tree is

You will need to measure a circle around the tree and fit the collar to that measurement. The collar will have to fit around the tree stand exactly as the picture below shows.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Collar

You will also need to make sure that the collar goes around the tree stand and on it. This means that the tree stand will have to fit inside the collar that you just made, and this is very important!

Another important part is the proportions and measurements of the collar.

In order to have a collar that looks pleasing with the tree above it, you need to make sure that its width is about half as wide as the entire tree.

If the collar is wider then you’re going to have a very ugly looking Christmas tree. You also should not have a collar that is too narrow from the inside as it will look silly!

Color & Decoration

Before you pick the material that you’d like to make the tree collar from, make sure that you can make it look like the Christmas tree decoration so that everything matches and looks harmonious.

If your Christmas tree is decorated with gold balls and has the gold color dominate, then painting the collar gold is going to make everything look like a single piece.

You can also pick a color that is close to the one on your tree, they don’t always have to match if you think they’re going to look better a certain way.

You also shouldn’t shy away from decorating the collar. It doesn’t have to look one color; you can try and make it look exactly like the tree if you want.

These collars can be made out of a wooden bucket, a metal bucket, or even a mesh storage box. Basically, anything that is shaped that way can make a cool tree collar.

All you have to do is make sure that both bottom and upper side of it are open so that tree can go inside it while it is upside down.


We hope that this article has brought you closer to how you can make your own DIY Christmas tree collar and wish you best of luck an a very festive Christmas.


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