In a world full of distractions, we seek mind clarity, and our homes can be a perfect place to apply that.

If you live in the city, you feel like the world around you is a vast place full of clutter, cars, buildings, and objects, …etc.

The perfect end for your day is to come back to your home and enjoy some quietness and clear your mind from daily stress.

However, not so many people have the privilege to live that way, although we are entirely able to control our living space in so many ways.

Maybe it is because of the lack of knowledge about creating a simple modern home, or it could be because of fear change.

Anyways, we are here to help you create the perfect space to enjoy staying at home and not feel like it is a second burden to carry with you.

With this home décor guide, we will show you some easy and fantastic ideas to create a modern home décor design.

Modern home designs are usually linked to adopting a minimalist lifestyle inside your home.

You can totally follow that approach, but to keep it simple, we prefer to associate modernity with simplicity.

Simplicity is the perfect word that describes modern and contemporary home designs.

Some people might find this modern decoration boring, but believe me, it could be anything except that. Modern design homes are stylish, elegant, and just on fleek!

So, before jumping on this journey, there are certain basics that you should learn about modern and contemporary home designs.

However, the key element and secret to this is simplicity.


Modern Design Home Décor Basics

Modern Home Decor Guide

Simplicity: We cannot emphasize how important this is when it comes to achieving a modern look at your home. Nevertheless, we do not want to create a boring space with one item in the whole room.

By simplicity, we mean creating an environment where clutter is not welcomed.

Don’t you feel stressed when you enter a house or a room with so many disorganized objects?

Well, studies have proved that clutter is another factor that creates more stress in your life. Obviously, stress is something that we try to run away from and reduce as much as we can.

This is something you can definitely avoid by being as simple as possible with your home décor.

Functionality: Functionality is another trait of simplicity. What we mean by this is that items in your room should fulfill a certain function throughout your day.

Moreover, they should be easy to access and use. Of course, this will vary from room to another in your house, but you get the gist of this rule.

Let’s use the bedroom as an example to illustrate this rule more. For instance, previously, I had a desk in my bedroom that I never used.

It was taking so much space that it was difficult for me to navigate easily through my room.

Following the functionality rule, I just had to remove it, and I bought a cheap, small, and simple wooden desk instead. This made my room even look better!

Open Spaces: Having an abundant amount of empty space in your home is another characteristic of modern, contemporary home designs.

We try to maximize that by following the second rule by keeping only functional items in your home. Having enough space in your home will give you mental clarity, and you can navigate smoothly through your house.

You can even do some walking inside, which has so many health and psychological benefits. However, in some homes, this might be difficult to achieve, but you can still fool your eye and make a room look spacious. Try to implement more light colors into your home.

This will make it look brighter and maximize the natural light effect. Your furniture arrangement should also be clever, and multifunctional furniture is great to achieve that.

You can also make your space feel larger by using mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, which will give a brighter look to your home. They will also add more depth to your space and make it look bigger.

Colors: The use of colors is one of the most important elements to include in your modern home design. In order to achieve a modern look, the colors you should be using are neutral colors, white, and black.

These are the main colors for modern interior home designs. Neutral colors and white will add brightness to your room, which will contribute greatly to creating a calming and soothing space. Adding a touch of black or another bold color will add contrast to your home, giving it more identity.

The ideal for this is to have your walls painted in white or other neutral colors, and the contrast punch will be added by the colored items that you have in your home.

Use Simple Lines: A modern home is not one without a simple, straight-line design. Simple lines can be incorporated in furniture as well as in décor designs. They can either be strong horizontal or vertical lines. If everything in your home has clear lines and four corners, then this will definitely achieve a modern look.

Flooring: Flooring is also another important element to create a modern home design. You should use bare and smooth material like wood, tile, or vinyl. To add more warmth to your space, you can add a simple area rug. You can also opt for commercial grades, which are more used for sound control.

Décor Elements: Keeping balanced decoration elements in your home will also contribute greatly to create a modern design. The first step you should start with is deciding the decoration style that you want to achieve.

This will create unity and harmony within your space, which will avoid having an unpleasant and uncomfortable look to the eye. There are many styles that you can choose from.

First, you can either pick a casual style or traditional. From there, you chose a style, such as modern Victoria, French country, Tuscan, or shabby chic.


Ways to Make Your House Look Modern

Now that we have seen the basics of modern house design, we are going to share with you ways to create a modern design vibe if you have a traditional one. Some of these ways will be easy to execute, and others will require you some time and housework. But the outcome is totally worth it.

Brighten up your Space: Modern house designs are known for their brightened up space. Using bright colors is refreshing and pleasant for the eyes. Other colors are used moderately, but they will definitely pop up in contrast with the bright color. The task might be difficult to achieve. Here is a guide to help you further with your colors choices:


Paint: If your walls have any scratches on them, it is time to take some action. One of the characteristics of modern house design is to have clean and smooth walls. This will make your space look fresh and clean. Maybe this will push you to take the big step and change the wall colors. If you have dark walls, it is better to opt for a neutral color palette.

Get Rid of the Popcorn: Are you living in a home where you have popcorn ceilings or popcorn walls? Well, it is time to remove that. Popcorn ceiling had its glory days, and now it’s really outdated. Honestly, I used to have it at my house, and removing them was very satisfying. You can check this article on how to remove popcorn ceilings:

Replace Light Switch Plates: Light switch plates can be an easy indicator of your house design. Home traditional designs use old switch plates. Replacing them with new modern ones will remarkably impact your home design. Luckily they are easy to switch and do not cost a lot.

Use Modern Light Bulbs: Light bulbs are like light switch plates. They can easily indicate what kind of design your house has. It’s time to replace the standard chandelier that you see in almost every house. Opting for designer light bulbs will increase the modern look and make your house look more elegant. There are several options that you can choose from that you can check here:

Also, try to have several light sources to increase brightness inside your house like using table lamps and floor lamps.

Modern Cabinet Hardware and Faucets: As we said before, modern home designs are characterized by the use of clear and simple lines.

This principle will also apply to your cabinet hardware and faucets. Replacing the old and traditional ones with new cabinet pulls or knobs and an industrial-looking faucet will give you the look that you want. Moreover, if you want to complete a great modern look, you can paint the cabinet to brighten up the whole look.

Wood Flooring: Wall to wall carpeting is not a feature of modern home design.

Therefore, if you have one, you should get rid of it. A hardwood surface will bring your home to life and give it the elegance it was missing.

Wood flooring is definitely more expensive than just having a carpet. Nonetheless, it is a long term investment, and it will give a higher value to your house in case you want to sell it in the future. You can also install the vinyl, plank, or oblong tiles.

You can choose dark colors for a luxurious and elegant look. To add a touch of coziness to your place, you can add a simple area rug or a plush carpet.

Go High Tech: Modern houses are smart houses. Little details, such as installing bulbs with motion sensors, will give the feel of a smart house. Bulbs with motion sensors are easy to find nowadays, and you can install them just like any regular bulb.

You can install them in places like the outside front door of your house, the closet, or the garage. You can also install built-in charging stations. These ones look different, high techy, and they are easy to add.

Big Pictures: Having a big picture in each room of your house can be used as the focal point, which will highlight the other elements in the room.

A big picture can also play a big role in determining which style to adopt in your house. Also, using one big picture respects the rule of simplicity and having less clutter. Having one big piece of art is better than having six ones.

Remove the Clutter: Clutter is something that you will never see in a modern house.

You have to get rid of any unnecessary items that have been sitting in your house for no particular use. If you are not an organized person, this will help you learning organizational skills. Believe me; this will have such a big impact on your house.

According to designers, the first thing they start with when modifying a house style from traditional to modern is removing any unnecessary stuff. A good way to start with this process is by taking out every item of each room outside and bring them one by one.

This will give you a different perspective on each item and furniture that you’re using so you can decide which furniture you should get rid of.

Break up the Furniture Set: In most traditional house designs, you will find an all one set furniture style reigning all over the house. This doesn’t apply to modern house designs.

I know this will be hard to understand at first because we have been conditioned that furniture should be a matching set.

You can either replace the furniture you have by new ones, which will be a little expensive. Or, you can switch the already existing furniture you have from room to room.

This will require you lots of thinking and moving around with the furniture, but it will totally be worth it.

Reupholster your Furniture: If moving your furniture around the house and switching their positioning is not convincing you, then you can reupholster your furniture.

What do we mean by reupholstering? Reupholstering is an affordable way to change the look of your furniture. It is simply changing the exterior material of your sofas, couches, or chairs. It is fun to do it by yourself, but if your handicraft skills are not that good, we recommend you give the task to your local reupholstery.

The colors to use will totally depend on the style that you want to achieve within the modern theme, which will bring us to the next part about modern style designs.


Modern House Design Styles


There are many interior house designs that can be considered as modern. We think it is important for you to discover them so you can choose which one to apply for your home.

You should also explore these designs to know which one fits your lifestyle better and defines your personality and taste.

Honestly, this will be a difficult pick for you because they all look absolutely amazing. From minimalist, Japandi, mid-century modern to Scandinavian, you will love them all.

Scandinavian design

This Scandinavian design is one of my favorites. It is simple, clean, and perfect for people who want to come home after a long stressful day. It just makes your home the perfect place to be.

The first thought that comes to your mind when you see this style is minimalism.

What makes it different from the minimalist design (which we will discover later) is that it doesn’t compromise the beauty of decorating your space.

The Scandinavian design features clean, simple, and straight lines. As you guessed, the original of this style comes from Scandinavian countries, which are known to have long periods of wintertime that are usually dark and gloomy.

This explains the use of bright and clean colors, notably white and light gray. Most houses with this design are painted in white because it brightens up your space. One of the other benefits of having white colors is that it fools your eyes as it makes the place looks bigger.

This design is also characterized by large windows, which will attract more light to your house. As for the furniture used inside, keep it as simple as you can. Functionality is a key element of this design. Materials that can be used are simple wood or textiles, and they don’t need lots of details. To bring some life your space, you can add several green plants in small pots or in a large vase in the corner of the room.

Mid-century Modern Design

Another great interior design to incorporate in your house is the mid-century modern design. Let me tell you something, the world is obsessed with this design, and it is everywhere.

Looking at this design, you can see that it is a little bit more playful than then previous one. We can clearly see the use of more decoration elements, with more colors, all while maintaining a clean and simple look. It is characterized by one of the features we see in all modern styles which have an open space.

The mid-century modern design is also known for the use of organic geometrical shapes, whether it is for decoration or furniture.

It somehow combines both simple straights lines and curved lines in a pleasant and beautiful manner. As we said, you will find more decoration elements in this design, but this doesn’t break the key rule of this design, which is functionality.

The use of green plants is also required in this design to add nature vividness to your house. The color palette of the mid-century modern design is special. It uses natural and warm colors such as olive green, orange, mustard, yellow, and pink. Its functionality and cool curvy lines characterize furniture in this design.

Minimalist design

This wouldn’t be a credible list of modern designs if we do not include the famous minimalist design. This is one of the most known and prominent designs of the 21st century.

However, this has come to life during the 1920s after the First World War by the German architect Ludwig Mies. Minimalism is most known for its principles of “less is more.” It simply prioritizes functionality and simplicity above everything else.

This might seem a boring style for some people because it lacks some warmth in it. But if you are a person who also prioritizes these characteristics in contrast to other features, minimalist is the perfect style for you.

Minimalism characteristics consist of simplicity at its core. It uses clean and simple straight lines. The furniture and flooring are made of simple materials such as wood, glass, and concrete. The color palette is very restricted using only neutral and dark colors.

However, using dark or wooden furniture gives a beautiful contrast to your space.

The decoration is also completely restricted in minimalism. Still, you can use plants to add a touch of colors and life.

Minimalism is for people who put practicality over everything else. Most importantly, the minimalist design will save you money as you won’t be spending it on any unnecessary objects.

Japandi Design

Have you ever heard of this word? If not, then you are not alone.

Japandi style is named after the Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It is one of my favorites not only because it looks absolutely beautiful, but because it is a cross-cultural point between two different cultures.

This design focuses on simplicity, open space, and elegant design. What’s different about it than the Scandinavian design is that there is a touch of a stronger use of wooden elements, whether in furniture, walls, or decoration.

The Japanese style is has a sense of being close to nature, bringing balance and harmony. With the Japandi design, you will have a bright space with neutral colors, notably white, while using rustic wooden furniture that adds a beautiful contrast to your space.

These are one of the best and most prominent home décor modern designs that you can incorporate for your place.

You can also switch from traditional to modern using the principles we stated above. Always remember, creating a modern design doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Just keep it simple while following the guideline in this article.

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