Unlike many other décor styles, rustic décor makes sure it combines a few important elements in it.

These elements are comfort, being fuss-free, practical, and very much functional. All of these elements merged together are what make the decor warm and rustic, hence the name.

The reason why this décor style is so warm and famous is because of its use of natural elements and its bringing of nature into your home, giving you the feeling of being close to the earth and its elements.

Natural elements and materials have always been known to create a very cozy environment wherever you implement them.

That’s why most expensive houses are already decorated with a lot of natural materials such as wood, stone, and everything in between.

Having an open fire-pit in the living room, or a wooden floor, stone walls, and fabrics that look closer to nature than they look manufactured will make your home look and feel more comfortable than ever.

One of the reasons people go for this decor is because it reminds them of nature, and it also gets rid of anything that looks futuristic and man-made; something that many of us have gotten sick of over the years.

So, if you were to ask what rustic décor is exactly, this would be our answer:

Rustic décor is natural. It focuses on natural elements that are directly extracted from nature and aren’t heavily manufactured or modified, which is what makes the whole thing natural.

Rustic is comfortable. As this décor tries to focus on being as comfortable and cozy as possible, it makes sure the people who live there are always satisfied and never feel uncomfortable in their own home.

Rustic is rugged. As you will notice as we go further in the article, the materials, and furniture used in this décor are always rugged, strong, and built to last. It avoids using materials that aren’t tough or weathered.

What Rustic Style Isn’t

If anything, rustic style is definitely not the following things:

Rustic décor is not complicated. Rustic décor focuses on making everything easy, comfortable, and simple. Which happens to be the opposite of complicated.

Rustic décor is not polished. Rustic décor tries to mimic nature, and we all know how nature is definitely not polished. Instead, it is rugged, harsh, tough, and real.

Rustic décor is not trendy. Unless mimicking nature and traditions is trendy, then rustic décor is definitely not that. It focuses more on looking cozy, comfy, and not modern.


When you want to start decorating your home in a rustic way, color is an important aspect that you need to take care of and make sure it respects rustic décor’s rules.

First, you need to make sure the color you are using is neutral and not too eye-catchy, which would beat the whole purpose of being comfortable and would be distracting instead.

Going with a natural color palette will allow all the unique features of the room to stand out as much as possible.

When you have a wooden floor, couch, or even bedframe, a whitewashed wall will give the room the attention it deserves and won’t take away the spotlight from the incredible furniture you are using.

If you use a bright color in the walls like blue or yellow for example, it would take all the attention away from the furniture whose job is to look natural and comfy.

If you are going to use different shades of the same color, make sure they are different enough not to blend in together. You need the colors to be complementary to one another, and not mix and appear to be just one color.

When it comes to the ceiling and walls, you shouldn’t be worried if they appear to be very blunt and out of touch.

In fact, they should look that way for the reasons we mentioned earlier. And as long as you’ve got furniture that is standing out, the walls will look great.

If you want to add a special touch to the walls and ceiling, you may try decorating them with some furniture. Either a wall-clock that is made out of wood, or a chandelier that has natural elements and feel to it.

These are the color options you should think of either going for separately or blending together, either way, they would give your room the natural feel and rustic style you so desire.

Rustic Home Decor Guide


‘Rustic’ Materials

One of the most important factors that can determine whether or not you’re doing rustic décor correctly is the materials you are using to decorate and furnish your home.

You need to make sure that the majority or all of your furniture is natural and not processed or manufactured.

The materials you go for should also be very well weathered as they are the center stone and the basis of the whole décor.

This includes distressed wood, broken-in-leather, galvanized steel, or even fraying rugs.

These materials and the way they look are what give the whole room a comfy, and cozy feeling.

You need to start your furnishing by using some weathered wood frames, accented tables, and then start building your wooden floor.

You can also use leather chairs and couches, and make sure that nothing looks too new or too polished.

In fact, the more dents and scratches your furniture has the better it will look and the more it will fit in with everything else.

Here are some of the materials you need to be focused on using:


In your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, wood should be a very important element of the whole show. You can opt for wooded flooring everywhere in the house.

Not to risk the whole house looking boring, you can try different accents and different kinds of wood in each room.

Just make sure the wood doesn’t look new or polished, as it would beat the purpose of having a rustic décor.

Not to mention that wooded floors kind of look fancy, elegant, and have a slight touch of luxury to them.


If wooded floors aren’t your type of things, then maybe you should go for flagstone flooring instead. The stone will look great, rustic, elegant, and it will have the natural touch you are going for.

It is better if you use stone and stone-looking furniture in the bathroom.

The stone has a very special touch and look, in addition to how strong and durable it is.

More than that, it is very easy to clean, which adds points to its practicality.

Another place you can use stone instead of wood is in the fireplace.

Most fireplaces are constructed of bricks, which have nothing to do whatsoever with nature. Building one with stones will make you feel like you are camping out in the wild when you turn off the lights. What’s more rustic than that?


There are quite a few metallic materials that look natural, and there are others that looking nothing from that, and it is our job to tell you which is which, so follow along!

Iron, brass, and copper are great options to go for since they ARE natural metals, which means that whatever they look like, that’s how nature looks like. Again, you need to make sure that the metals you’re using aren’t too polished.

Of course, you can and should get rid of edges that are too sharp as they may be dangerous, especially if you’ve got kids around the house.

But this doesn’t mean you need to get your hands on some metallic elements and furniture that look like they came straight out of a futuristic movie.

Metal can also be used in lighting, your chandelier could be made out of any of the materials we’ve mentioned earlier, the older and less polished it looks the better it serves the rustic décor style.

If you need to get any smaller accessories to put around the house, having them made out of metal would be a fantastic idea.


Before we get down to what materials your fabrics should be made of, it is important we remind you of the coloring options that you are ought to go for.

Neutral, cozy, and blunt colors are the way to go, as they will give everything else the attention it deserves, and it serves them well too by giving them a color that is easy on the eyes.

If you’re feeling like you need something that feels a bit luxurious, then maybe you should consider getting some faux-fur sofas, they may not be the comfiest, but they aren’t terrible and will certainly give you a rich look.

For the rugs, a traditional, thick woven rug would do just fine.

Although these rugs are usually made in bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find something in a neutral color that will serve the rustic décor you’re aiming at.

If you happen to have a wooden floor, especially near the fireplace, then it may be a good idea to get a hardy, tough rug that will protect the flooring from any damage that could be caused by the fire.

The rug will definitely get damaged with time, but it should far easier to replace than it is to replace your whole wooden flooring.

Straight Lines Are NOT Rustic

If you want your home to look as rustic and natural-looking as possible, avoid straight lines.

Straight lines are man-made, they are evidence humans were here, which is why you need to avoid them at all costs. Instead, go for organic, natural imperfections that can still be found in a lot of furniture and accessories.

Not just with furniture, make sure your walls, your doors, the whole house even, aren’t made with straight lines.

Allow the curves and round edges to manifest themselves in every corner of the house, and not just round edges, edges can be imperfect as well; if it is natural, it doesn’t have to abide by any rules but those of nature itself.

Also, when you get your hands on old pieces of furniture and accessories, you are more likely to find them worn out, and their straight lines will have quite a few imperfections in them by the time you get your hands on them.

More than that, it will also cost you much less if you buy old, second-hand furniture and accessories, and they will look even better than if you had bought them new. It’s a win-win.

Your Furniture Doesn’t Have to Match

When it comes to rustic décor, the furniture and accessories thrown around the house shouldn’t always have to match, nature isn’t always matching is it?

Rustic décor is about compiling a mix of items that work well with one another, and working with each other doesn’t always mean they look alike.

As long as the furniture is practical and actually serves a purpose, then you’re not doing anything wrong.

The look you’re going for would be to make your rooms look like it has furniture that has been collected over the years from different parts of the world.

Not as if they’ve been bought when you had a shopping spree. As long as the furniture respects the rules of being rustic, go wild, and try to think outside the box, in fact, try to think as if there is no box.

An example of this would be if you have an old, wooden kitchen table, surrounded with an old couch, and a couple of armchairs that look nothing like each other.

The couch and the table, too, don’t have to look like they’ve been bought from the same place.

If you want the room too look authentic and focused, you could try making every furniture in it facing one central element. It could be the TV, the fireplace, or even a window that overlooks a nice view.

Your Furniture HAS to Be Practical

One thing with rustic design is that it bases its rules on 2 things: nature, and practicality.

You may or may not have noticed, but anything involved in rustic design tends to have a purpose to it, without that, there would be no reason why you would buy an accessory.

There is no room for decoration alone, as it always has to be paired with practicality.

If you would still like to get something merely for decoration purposes, you need to do so with moderation.

Meaning that the items that are for decoration alone should be very minimal and not control the whole scene in your home. If you overuse decoration, then you may cause the room to look very congested: not rustic at all.

Accessorizing a room or two with art pieces is also acceptable, as long as they respect the overall theme of the rustic design.

It is vital that the room you’re in has everything it needs, once you’ve got that covered, then you can start looking for decoration and art pieces.

Pay Attention to Architectural Details

Rustic décor pays a lot of attention to its architectural details and so should you!

This includes the flooring and whether it is wooden or stone-made, and it includes the walls and the ceiling as well.

These architectural elements are what create the natural surrounding and feelings that the house starts to have after the decoration is complete.

You also need to pay attention to the details surrounding the fireplace as it creates a very cozy place for the entire family to sit around.

Not just that, but the staircase should also be treated with just as much attention to detail. If you’re using metal, wood, or even leather, it needs to be taken care of and put in a way that makes it stand out.

Another thing you could focus on when it comes to your home’s architectural details is the height of the ceiling and the size of the windows.

The bigger the windows the better the view will be, and the more the view will look panoramic.

Having a high ceiling will give the house the feeling of being bigger than it actually is, it also leaves a lot of room to breathe, both literally and figuratively.

Make The Decor Iconic

No matter how you decide to go with the interior décor of your home, you should aim at making it as iconic as possible.

But since we are talking about rustic décor, you should make sure the décor is as comfortable as it is iconic.

You could do this by getting yourself a big, worn-out, leather armchair. The longer time it spends at your house the better it will get.

Every time it gets a crease you can’t get rid of, or a slight dent here or there, it gets more iconic as it becomes a time machine of events in your household.

The armchair will also get more comfortable as the days go by, especially if it is being used heavily.

The armchair is just one example of how you can decorate your household.

This applies to the bed as well. You can try to get a bed that is a king or queen size, with a tough, and even bigger bedframe. Your bed frame will look majestic, especially a wooden one with old, traditional carvings on it.


Rustic décor is a really tough gamble to go for, for quite a few reasons.

The artistic value of it can easily go up or drop, even if you make the slightest mistake when it comes to décor. Another possible downside to it could be how fast the prices can go up if things aren’t done properly.

Knowing what and where to get your furniture can drastically change the price range you’ll need to pay, so pay attention to that.

We hope that this article has answered most or all your questions about rustic décor, and we wish you the best of luck decorating your home.

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