The process of finding the right interior design for your home can be challenging.

However, you can start by discovering what particular design defines you.

Do you know that your home design can describe what type of personality you have? The way you choose to design your private space or home, in general, can tell so much about your personality traits.

There are a lot of different interior design styles out there that can help you decide what taste do you have, which design describes you best and how to achieve a cohesive home. Among these designs, there is the mid-century modern style.

This design is defined by simple forms, organic influences, minimal ornamentation, high functionality, and playfulness.

Mid-century Modern design is known for its open space concept, simplicity, geometry, nature, and environmental integration.

The color palettes of this style are either natural or warm, or other colors like olive green, yellow, mustard, pink, or orange. And when it comes to furniture, this style relies on dark shades or natural timber finishes, often with rounded shapes like walnut.

This style is devoted to people who enjoy warm areas and appreciate innovative and high-quality furniture.

The second interior design style is Scandinavian.

This style is characterized by its bright and clean touch, its natural and wood materials, and the touch of nature.

This style’s origin is from the Nordic countries where the weather is all about dark and long winters.

While the outside is dark, Scandinavians prefer to use white painting inside their homes, to keep the space bright and comfortable.

Another interior design style is glam style. If you love and enjoy fancy, chic, extravagant, expensive, and glamorous stuff, the glam style is the right one for you.

This style relies on neutral, calm colors, like white, cream, silver, gold, and black. It also includes crucial things like fancy fabrics, brilliant metallics, crystal chandeliers to finish the look.

When it comes to the bohemian style, it is a care-free and colorful style.

The core point of making this style a perfection is by creating a purposeful, messy look.

If you are the kind of human who enjoys a lot of rich textures, lots of colors, and unconventional displays, then consider yourself closer and related to the boho style. And that means you can also enjoy hippie home decor.

It is quite fun and entertaining, mixed with a touch of calmness and tranquility.

The bohemian style enables you to bring in pops of bright colors and metallics, but also includes a lot of natural, earthy and warm colors, a lot of woods, or burlap.

You can also enjoy the beautiful poofs that have a lot of embellishments on them, or tassels, sequins, or just a lot of beading.

You can create your own bohemian vibes that are based on cultural styles and authentic pieces that you could have collected from a previous trip, or you can simply purchase your pieces in local stores, or online.

Within this article, we are going to represent to you several bohemian home décor styles, items, and pieces that are incredibly amazing. So, continue reading, you will definitely enjoy them.


Boho Wall Décor

A person who enjoys a bohemian style will appreciate different colors, texture, layering, earrings, and all boho stuff. And all of this applies also to home décor.

Starting with wall décor, the following are some DIY items that you can hang to the wall. These items are so easy to create, will look perfect, and will illustrate the bohemian style you are looking for.

Easy to make DIY boho wall decor

The Bohemian Home Decor Style

For this DIY, you can use items that you already have on hand. So, for the first DIY, you will need some nautical rope and one burner cover.

Start by painting your burner cover with some white chalk paint.

Then, start by gluing the beginning of the rope down in the center of the burner cover.

Make sure it would stay in place by adding some glue every now and then as you wind it around. Continue wrapping the rope around the entire burner cover until you get to the edges.

Then, keep going until you make sure all the edges are completely covered and wrapped.

For making the tassels, you will need some cardboard, scissors, and white yarn. The first thing to start with is taking a piece of cardboard and cut it out to be four and a half inches long.

Then, start wrapping your white yarn about 20 times for each tassel. Then wrap another piece of the yarn to cut out to be able to begin making your tassel.

Make sure to remove it carefully from the piece of cardboard.

Then, by using the pair of scissors, go to the very ends of the yarn, and cut that in half and place it on top of the piece of yarn that you cut out and create a double knot in the middle.

Once the knot is in place, go ahead and join the two ends together. And that center is where the knot is going to be at the top of your tassel.

What you need to do is to cut out another piece of yarn that is about eight inches or so, and then wrap it around the top of the tassel to create another double knot. Then use the ends of that string and wrap them around the tassel to cover up the double knots.

And voilà! You have got yourself a cute tassel. Repeat the same process for as many tassels as you need (around 17 tassels).

Then by using some hot glue, start gluing your tassel one by one around the edges of the nautical rope. You can even add your special touch to it.

Either by using different colors, or adding different pieces of decoration, it’s up to you.

You will need to spray your tassels by using some adhesive spray that will stiffen them and that’s a good trick that helps to keep the tassels perfect.

Finally, take a small piece of nautical rope and split it in half to create a little hook that will help you hang your piece into the wall.


A little shelf DIY


For this DIY, you will need some bamboo cutting boards, a ruler, a marker, some paint that is related to the bohemian style, a paper towel, shower curtain rings, some jute strings, and some hot glue.

Start by taking your bamboo cutting boards, then take your ruler to mark off where you want to drill your holes. You don’t necessarily need to measure it

however, you need to make sure the holes are straight.

Then, by using the power drill, try to make four holes, two on each side of your cutting board.

After that, take a color of your choice and apply it to your cutting board by using the Waverly wax antique paint. However, if you are okay with its natural color, you can keep it like that.

Stain the color all over the board, then wipe off the excess using a paper towel. Then, take some shower curtain rings and some jute string.

Take your jute string and hot glue it to the curtain rings by wrapping it all around the ring to create a hook that’s going to hold up the shelf.

After finishing this process, grab a small piece of tape to put at the end of the jute string that will make it to be thin and fit through the holes.

Then, put it out through the hole until you have the wanted length, and then pull it through the other end, and do the same process with the other two holes.

Make sure you have enough support to be able to hang the shelf on the wall. You can decorate your strings with some beads, which will make them look more bohemian and cooler.

Then, combine all of the four pieces of the jute string together and tie them onto the shower curtain ring. And tada, you will get yourself an amazing bohemian wall shelf to decorate your home.


Bohemian Basket Wall Décor

The Bohemian Home Decor Style

Basket projects are a trend nowadays and are seen a lot on social media.

They are definitely worth it, because as the picture above shows, they make a great wall décor, and add an amazing bohemian touch in any corner of the house.

So, for this DIY project that is very easy and simple, all the materials you are going to need are budget-friendly and are available everywhere.

However, it’s a little bit time-consuming, depending on how many items you want to hang up on your wall.

For that, you will need a pencil, a ruler, a pair of scissors, a glue gun, a jute twine ball, cardboard, a rounded place, and some paint and brushes.

This is a fun way to bring up the boho and ethnic vibe you are looking for in your space.

You first start by tracing a circle on the cardboard by using the plate and the pencil.

Cut it, and make a second one. In the center of the first circle, start gluing your twine until you reach the edges, and make sure you cover the sides of the cardboard for a more aesthetic look.

Then take the second cardboard and start cutting pieces of the twine that should be about 2.5 inches long.

Then take those pieces and cover all the edges of the circle to form a shape that will look like the sun. And to make it easier for you, you can divide the circle into sections, then, glue the twine section by section until you finish.

After that, glue both pieces together by using a good amount of glue. And voila, you can repeat the same process on as many basket items as you want to have on your wall.

Hippie and Retro inspired Décor

Boho chic style is easy to achieve. A good and creative mix of colors, some ethnic objects, and an eclectic mix of pieces, and it could turn out incredibly good. Art definitely helps to set the tone of bohemian décor and establishes the vibe.

The following are some DIY inspirations for boho and hippie vibes.


Moroccan Lanterns DIY

These boho Moroccan inspired lanterns are simple and easy to create.

They add an excellent touch to your house, and especially the bohemian and hippie vibe.

This DIY will help you get creative and you apply any special design you like.

You can even give these items as gifts to a friend, or someone precious to you.

For this DIY, you will need some glass mason jar, it can be of any size you like. To make the die mix, you will need to add one tablespoon of mod podge and a half tablespoon of water.

Then, add five to seven drops of whatever food coloring you want. Then, stir everything together until it’s well mixed. After that, put the whole mix into your mason jar and shake it around and swirl it until all of the insides are covered with color.

Then, on a covered baking sheet, flip it upside down and let the excess of the coloring run down. Leave it for one hour. When cooled down, take your mason jar and wipe off any extra color around the rim.

Then, place it in the oven that should be preheated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, the color should be dried to the perfect tint.

Once it’s cooled, it comes the design time, here you can choose any design you want, you can get some inspiration from the internet.

You can easily search for Moroccan Lanterns, and you will get many design inspirations.

For the following step, you will need some 3D opaque glass enamel paint, it’s helpful and will look amazing on your jar.

So, by using it you can go ahead and copy the lantern design you chose. For the handle, you can use some 20-gauge wire of the color of your choice.

Then, start by looping a single rim around the top of your mason jar and twist it right into its spot. Cut a little bit longer piece and hook each end under the first frame. And that’s it

you can create as many jars as you want with different colors to achieve the boho design you are looking for. Isn’t it simple and easy to do?


Boho Pillow Covers

We all know that pillows add a special touch to any space in a given house. And for boho style, colorful pillows finish the look.

So, for this DIY, you are going to need a pillow, some colorful fabric, a pair of scissors.

You first take your pillow and place it on the fabric. Then, cut the fabric depending on the size of the pillow. Make sure to keep some space on the edges.

Then, fold the fabric in half so that the edges align.

The next step is to put the pillow between the two parts of the fabric. And to make it look cool, cut the edges of the fabrics simultaneously, and try to keep the measurement close.

The cool part is to tie both sides together by keeping the pillow inside the two fabrics. However, make sure to tie the edges well.


Boho Triangle Areas for plants or jewelry

You can have some inspiration from the picture above to create a diamond-like piece where you can hang some decorative items or your jewels.

For this DIY, you will need some craft sticks. Create some diamond shapes by using those sticks. Then, separate the top from the bottom, and use them as a template to be completely sure they are all of the same sizes.

Then, when you get the desired shape, use a strong glue to glue them all together.

Make sure they are all of the same ways and put together perfectly. After all your pieces are put together, you can take some woodcraft tubes or any decorative item you have and that you can hang stuff on top of them.

Place the craft cubes all around the craft sticks mint, and then glue them well. Make sure they are all looking in the same way and not turn sideways.

You can leave them in their natural color, or you can add some colorful paint that will give you that boho and hippie look. And voila, your diamond triangles are ready to be used, after you hung them up to the wall, for sure.

Modern Bohemian

Nowadays, the interior design relies more and more on mixing up between simplicity and creativity with a little bit of touch of color.

Although bohemian design includes a lot of colorful items and patterns, you can still make it look simple, chic, and classy. As the picture above shows, you can still keep that unique touch and vibe of boho style, but your house will look calm, cheerful, and well decorated with ethnic and special pieces.

It’s all about mixing new and old designs together, which can turn out to be incredibly stylish. And that’s what interior designers aim for by mixing modern and boho styles.

These are some tips that might help you. To begin with, you can choose white, creamy, and neutral colors for painting your house walls. And to add some boho or hippie vibes, you can use some old fabric that will help you create some layers of undergrounds.

You can also use some vintage and cover-colored books that will look amazing in a room. Now, the favorite part is adding plants.

You can decorate any shelf in your house or your desk with colorful flowers or green plants. Make sure the shelves or desks are of neutral colors to keep that mixture of modern and boho styles, this will make a big difference.

If you have a small space, make sure not to add many colorful items because that will be more bohemian than modern.

You need to stay neutral. However, if you have a bigger space, you can play with it and add many items. You just need to be cautious not to lose your desired modern and boho look.

Another tip is to add some colorful, bright, bohemian prints into a neutral, white, or creamy wall. That will look perfect, and will help you obtain the mix of modern and boho vibes.



Boho is one of the amazing interior design styles that you can choose for your private space.

It combines simplicity, hippie, chic, stylish, and refreshingly stylish.

It is unique; you can choose any design you like, and still, you will be able to add the special touch and vibe of bohemian and hippie style.

So, to conclude we hope these few tips were beneficial for you, and that you will take them into consideration for your next interior home design. And always remember that all the good things in life are wild and free, similarly to bohemian and hippie style.

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