When it comes to interior design, there are a lot of directions one could go, and going for a vintage style will ensure your living room never gets old-fashioned as it will become a timeless vintage living room.

The vibrance and antiquity of these design ideas always give a look that is ageless, which makes it appropriate for all types of people in all different generations.

Your friends and family will try to find a reason to visit you just so they can get a chance to sit at your old-yet-somehow-new living room.

There are a lot of designs to go for in order to achieve this goal, and we can’t wait to show you our best picks.

One thing one should keep in mind about these designs is that they’re not ageless because of the way they look, but because the elements that make up these designs are very useful and will last you a very long time.

Timeless Vintage Living Room Ideas


Make it Functional

Your living room should be equipped with all the necessary elements that will allow it to be functional over the years.

This includes the right lighting, the right table that will be useful for you and your family, and the right couches that are comfortable enough for everyone.

Decorating a room by using elements that look vintage but aren’t functional will not allow the look to last because it simply does not satisfy all your needs.

Another thing to consider is that all your furniture should fit inside the room comfortably and that nothing should be cramped in, which will most likely ruin the whole look.

Make it Classic

In order to make sure your furniture is going to last you a long and still give you the feeling of antiquity, make sure you invest in solid pieces that have a historic value to them.

Go for an old chandelier, and make sure it is old in its design, and for its quality since you’ll want it to last a very long time and not stop working after a few months.

This isn’t something you usually have to worry about since old furniture is usually well-made and isn’t supposed to show cracks the moment you get it out of the box.

Go for Traditional Colors

Whenever you see a picture of an old living room, you can’t help but notice the neutrality of the colors in it. Neutral colors have always been successful in portraying antiquity and traditionalism.

Colors such as white, beige, and grays have always been present in these settings, making them your go-to colors when it comes to antiquity.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t go for other colors as well. Navy blue, black, and even a few shades of green will give the room the exact same feeling as if you were living in the 1700s.

These colors shouldn’t necessarily be used in abundance, they can play a major role even if they are just sprinkled all over in the form of furniture, accessories, or even paintings hung on the walls.

Let’s check out some live examples that some people were able to pull off by following some very simple steps and rules!

  • Glamour Vintage Dark


  • Small but Complete Vintage Room


  • Dark and Vintage Rustic


  • Simple Bright Light Condo


As the above examples show, these rooms have one thing in common: they are simple.

Whenever you’d like to go for something mind-blowing, try making it simple as a lot of fancy rooms tend to be very minimal and don’t overdo anything, which will only make them look cramped and childish.

If something does not fit in the room comfortably, lose it, and go for something smaller. Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it however you like.

It all comes down to the way you arrange your furniture.

The colors you pick for the room will also play a major role in whether the room looks spacious or tiny, which is why the size and color of the room should always go hand in hand.


These design ideas we talked about are very easy to pull off, all they need is a little dedication and patience until you get the right look. We hope this article was very beneficial for you and we can’t wait to see your vintage looking living room!