Decorating your home is a very fun thing to do, yet it is not the easiest and can take some real creative minds for it to be done just right.

Making sure your home looks nice and is compatible with its different parts is a very fun process to go through, as it is for making sure you’ve got just the right pillows to match your brown couch.

If you’ve been decorating your home and have been at a stop, you’re just in the right place as we’re about to enlighten you with some very simple, beautiful, and creative ideas that will make your home stand out a little bit.

Decoration Rules

There are a few rules one needs to abide by when decorating one’s home, and these rules are very necessary if you want your pillows to match the couch you so love to sit on. Let us check them out!

The first rule is that you need to stay simple. Shiny colors and edgy designs are not going to impress anyone, especially not yourself, so stay simple and pick colors that are more on the neutral spectrum.

Second, you need to make sure the different colors contrast each other. If you have a white couch, go for black pillows…

you get the idea. Sometimes, and only sometimes, if you want to get a little creative, why not try a completely different color?

It doesn’t have to be very shiny or neutral either, as long as it looks nice with the couch and vice versa.

Finally, sometimes you may not even need the pillows to make your couch look better, maybe it looks great just the way it sits alone.

Either way, you can count on your inner artist to make the right decision, and your couch will certainly look brighter than the day (if that’s what you’re going for)!

What Color Pillows for Brown Couch?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, color plays a major role, and deciding which color to go for your brown sofa can completely alter the way everything looks.

This is why you need to be aware of how color palettes work and how you can use them for your own good.


If you want to keep things very simple, go for pillows that are colored something close to brown, either a darker or lighter brown.

This will keep things simple, and a lot of people like them that way.

Red & Orange

Or you can spice things up a little and pick a different color that isn’t too far from brown either, such as red or orange.

These 2 colors will certainly add a bit of vibrance to your couch, and to the entire room.

Yellow & Blue

Yellow and blue are two very different colors from brown, which is exactly why you should go for them.

This combination of colors will keep having the focus shift from one thing to the other, because of everything is its own uniqueness.

Blue & Green

What Color Pillows For Brown Couch

Blue and green have always been rival colors, something that’ll definitely add a layer of aggressiveness to the whole look of your room, especially that they’re paired up with the brown couch.

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s check out some live examples with brown couches, and pillows of all shapes and colors.

As you can see, this brown couch is only paired up with two complementary pillows that are the same color, which is why it looks so calming, neutral, and simple. Here another example of it:

The next example we’re providing is of a brown couch, stylized with yellow pillows.

The colorful combination of yellow certainly gives the whole room a look of its own.

It still looks very minimal, yet fun and entertaining to even look at.

Not just that, but the yellow pillows have a slight orange shade to them, which makes it look like you’re using 3 different colors.

This brown couch is a very light-colored one.

Making its vibrance very useful for large rooms if you want to keep them looking more open and light-looking.

The addition of blue pillows spices things up a little and takes out the boring aspects of having a brown couch.


We hope that this article was beneficial for you and that you’ve found some inspiration for your room, especially for your brown couch. Tell us in the comments, which color did you go for?